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In clinical practice, clear, concise communication is necessary in order to obtain a patient’s trust and confidence, and to make the patient experience smooth for both the practitioner and patient. Patients also need (and have a right) to know exactly what the treatment plan is and what the projected benefits may be. Proper communication is necessary to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding that could result in the patient having a bad experience, feeling unheard, and dropping out of care. However, while communication is incredibly vital to a successful practice, for many practitioners it is often the most difficult part of practicing.

This webinar is designed to provide the practitioner with scripts to provide communication in a positive and effective way. Anthony draws from his vast clinical experience to bring you real scripts he uses every day. Viewers will get to see how Anthony uses these scripts through demonstrations with actual patients. In addition to scripts, Anthony will also discuss practice management skills that drive confidence and efficiency in your clinic. Learn what to say and how to say it! And tweak as needed to fit your practice.