Scripts for Successful Patient Communication, Retention, & Referrals




Scripts for Successful Patient Communication & Retention

Recorded: May 7, 2022

Length: 1 hour 54 minutes

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In clinical practice, clear, concise communication is necessary in order to obtain a patient’s trust and confidence, and to make the patient experience smooth for both the practitioner and patient. Patients also need (and have a right) to know exactly what the treatment plan is and what the projected benefits may be. Proper communication is necessary to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding that could result in the patient having a bad experience, feeling unheard, and dropping out of care. However, while communication is incredibly vital to a successful practice, for many practitioners it is often the most difficult part of practicing.

This webinar is designed to provide the practitioner with scripts to provide communication in a positive and effective way. Anthony draws from his vast clinical experience to bring you real scripts he uses every day. Viewers will get to see how Anthony uses these scripts through demonstrations with actual patients. In addition to scripts, Anthony will also discuss practice management skills that drive confidence and efficiency in your clinic. Learn what to say and how to say it! And tweak as needed to fit your practice.

Class outline:

Learn skills and scripts for the following:

  1. Booking
  • What is your script?
  • Answer the top 140 questions you are most likely to get on the phone?
  • How soon are you answering emails, DM’s and texts with request to book? This needs to be an extension of you script in shorter condensed format.
  1. Communicating with your patient
  • Learn the script which explains your review of finding after you complete your focused history and MSK assessment
  • The script outlines the frequency, duration, type, and timeframe for reassessment
  • The script should concisely and specifically address the vast majority of common questions that most patients have during w review of findings
  • Learn the script if you discover it is going to take longer than first anticipated to help your patient
  • Learn terms that they can understand without talking over their head
  1. Producing quality clinical outcomes
  • This is the centerpiece of any and all businesses/products.
  • Can you deliver?
  • Do you have the confidence?
  • What makes your outcomes different than the acupuncturist around the corner?
  • What makes your outcomes different than the acupuncturists in the next town, state etc?
  • Are you able to explain why someone should choose you? And, can you back it up?
  • Realize: The system is the solution
  • When any system is applied correctly the results take care of themselves
  • Systems (Exstore) cuts out wasted time and makes the time you spend focused and purposeful.
  • Cutting out wasted time allows you to replace it with meaningful, focused treatment methods that maximize tissue healing.
  • Learn that outstanding tangible, objective outcomes especially on visits 1-2 magnify the effect of everything else you do to magnify the patient experience. eg. text message reminder, follow up calls, “whiteglove” add-ons: taping, sample analgesic creams, seamless checkout, service with a smile.
  • Without outstanding results the white glove service becomes an annoyance
  1. Re-booking
  • Learn a regular script to follow so you habitually and specifically tell the patient when you would like to see them again at the end of each
  • Learn to tell people what your clinical opinion is with respect to their next appointment
  • Giving the patient direction is why they came to see you. They look to you to direct them, to tell them when to come in next, what home exercises to do and what activities to avoid
  1. Collecting
  • Payment must occur before or immediately after each visit
  • Situations where you direct bill should be avoided because they take up your time or your staff’s time
  • Encourage the patient to pay you and submit to insurance so you avoid chasing people for co-pays, keeping the money themselves if the insurance pays them, and the hassle of extra paperwork
  • Many clinics choose to direct bill as a method of attracting clients to them. Further, they are afraid that if they stop direct billing then the patient will go elsewhere.
  • You should become so good at what you do that people are happy to pay you out of pocket. Otherwise, you are nothing but a commodity.
  • Learn how to NOT become a commodity
  1. Know Your Target Market
  • Learn skills and techniques to discover
  • Who is using you?
  • Who is more likely to use you?
  • Marketing through community events
  • How to get yourself in the newspaper (digital) or on tv

About Anthony Lombardi:

Dr. Anthony Lombardi is a 2002 graduate of the New York Chiropractic College and McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program in Hamilton, Ontario, and has been practicing acupuncture for 19 years. Upon graduation, he founded Hamilton Back Clinic and since then has become a private consultant to athletes in the NFL, CFL, and NHL. Over the past 20 years Anthony has given over 150,000 acupuncture treatments. In addition to practicing, Dr. Lombardi was also an instructor in the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University from 2004 to 2013. He developed his EXSTORE® system, which he currently teaches along with motor points and electro-acupuncture, to physicians and practitioners the world over. He regularly writes and contributes articles on motor points in the Canadian Chiropractic and Chiropractic Economics magazines. Dr. Lombardi’s library continues to grow, with over 60 webinars and on-line courses available covering a variety of MSK and pain conditions, as well as practice management. He also holds live seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Anthony has averaged 12 new patients a week for over 10 years.