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It is recommended you are familiar with Dr. Lombardi’s EXSTORE™ Orthopedic System and have taken the in-person or on-line course. If you have not learned the EXSTORE™ System yet, you can purchase it with this bundle.

You can learn more about the EXSTORE™ System HERE

This Sports Package is over 43 hours and includes the recorded sports seminar from 2023 and 14 sports-related webinars. You will have everything you need to confidently treat athletes of all backgrounds, including sports injuries and improving performance.

Recorded Sports Seminar, Mesa, AZ 2023

Instructors Anthony Lombardi, DC and Lev Furman, DC, show you the same skills they to treat athletes in their busy clinics.

Everything you need to treat common sports injuries & athletic performance – made straightforward and easy to implement.

This 15-hour 47 minute recorded seminar will teach you how to assess and treat athletes and the most common sports injuries we see in the clinic. Actual clinical skills of physical assessment, functional tests, electro-acupuncture, taping, and extensive soft tissue manual therapies will all be covered. Through lectures and patient demos, participants will learn all aspects of assessing and treating athletes, from core concepts to practical application in the clinic. Following this seminar, you will be able to confidently apply what they learn to treat a variety of sports injuries and increase performance for athletes of all different backgrounds.

The key to learning how to treat sports injuries is to understand the mechanics and types of injuries common to different sports. This way what you learn will have application across many different types of athletes. For example, when you learn to treat muscle strains of the hamstring, the same treatment principles apply for any muscle strain.

The same goes for injuries of the shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, and wrist. For example, throwing-related injuries apply to many different sports, so learning how to assess and treat these injuries has cross-applications. Think less about sports specific and more about broad application. This will allow you to apply what you learn to many different types of patients.

*Important to note, what you learn in this seminar can also be transferred to your general, non-athlete patient population; The skills you’ll learn have cross-applicability for other types of Orthopedic and musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

Instructors: Anthony Lombardi, DC; Lev Furman, DC

Length: 15 hours 47 minutes


• Understand the anatomy and physiology of injuries, neurogenic inflammation, motor inhibition, and other key concepts in sports injuries

• Learn how to take a correct history, rule out red flags, and gather necessary information

• Learn assessment techniques including specific orthopedic tests of commonly injured areas

• Learn the mechanism of common injuries

• Understand why electro-acupuncture (EA) is used for treating sports injuries and mechanisms of actions in healing

• Learn EA techniques used for treating athletes

• Understand how and why taping is used for treating athletes and how to apply it

• Learn about the important role of soft tissue and fascia in sports injuries

• Learn how to identify fascial restrictions and distortions, practice palpation

• Understand the importance of manual therapy in treating sports injuries

• Learn how soft tissue manual therapy helps heal injury and speed up recovery

• Learn a variety of soft tissue techniques and when to use each

• Learn Gait Analysis and treatments to correct root causes of dysfunction and pain

Complete Sports Webinar Bundle 14-pack Regular price of all webinars separately: $1677.00 Free with this bundle

Treat athletes with confidence! This bundle will give you everything you need to treat the most common sports injuries, prevent overtraining, and improve performance.

The Complete Sports Webinar includes:

  1. Core principles of Sports Acupuncture Assessment, Treatment, & Injury Prevention
  2. Assessment & Treatment of Golf Injuries
  3. Assessment & Treatment of Field Sports (Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer) Injuries
  4. Assessment & Treatment of Tennis Injuries
  5. Assessment & Treatment of Martial Arts Injuries
  6. Assessment, Treatment, & Prevention of CROSSFIT injuries
  7. Assessment, Electro-acupuncture, and Manual Treatment for Long Distance Runners
  8. Athletic Taping of Common MSK Injuries
  9. Electro-Acupuncture & Soft Tissue to Maximize Performance During a 103 Mile Run
  10. Athletic Pubalgia: A Case Study of Longstanding Hip Pain
  11. How to Read and Understand Radiology Images
  12. Assessment & Treatment of Concussions
  13. Assessment & Treatment of Muscle Strains
  14. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints)

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