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Meralgia parasthetica is a rather common condition that can cause tingling, numbness, and burning pain on the lateral part of the thigh. It is more commonly seen in certain professions, occupations, and certain athletes. Acupuncture and soft tissue work can be very effective in treating this condition, but the practitioner must understand the presentation of this condition, take a proper clinical history, as well as know the anatomy involved and population most often affected. In this webinar, the practitioner will learn everything they need to become confident and proficient at recognizing this condition and understanding how to treat it.

*Understand the clinical history and presentation of meralgia parasthetica
*Be able to identify the locations where the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve can become compressed
*Review assessment protocols which help identify lateral femoral cutaneous nerve compression from other types of compression
*Review acupuncture and manual techniques used to address meralia parasthetica
*Understand preventative techniques that decrease incidents of exacerbation of lateral femoral cutaneous compression