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Cutaneous nerve electro-acupuncture can increase the treatment outcomes of your patients, and can significantly reduce pain and improve joint function.

Electro-acupuncture on cutaneous nerves works to:
1. Remove stimulus which causes dermatomal pain.
2. Improve range of motion in joints supplied by cutaneous nerves.
3. Increase entire limb flexibility and movement by treating cutaneous nerve compression sites.

This webinar covers noxious stimuli, neurogenic inflammation, the purpose o cutaneous nerves including anatomy, and how to treat the following cutaneous nerves.

Cutaneous nerves covered:

  • cervical plexus
  • supraclavicular
  • intercostobrachial
  • superficial radial
  • cluneal
  • lateral femoral cutaneous
  • anterior femoral cutaneous
  • saphenous nerve
  • articular branch of sciatic nerve
  • posterior femoral cutaneous
  • recurrent articular branch of peroneal nerve
  • sural nerve
  • geniculate nerve (branch of sciatic)