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Often overlooked in the treatment of a variety of MSK conditions, the platysma muscle can have profound influence in the treatment of specific MSK conditions. Treating the platysma can increase ROM and extension of the neck, balance and posture, help with clavicular involved shoulder dysfunctions, facial nerve palsies, and even TMJ. In this webinar, you will learn the clinical aspects of the platysma muscle, including the anatomy, innervations and actions, fascia, functions, mechanisms of injury, and specialized electro-acupuncture protocols that can be used on the platysma.

Course objectives:

  • Learn the anatomy, attachments, innervations, actions and fascia of the platysma muscle
  • Understand the clinical functions of the platysma
  • Understand the mechanisms of injury
  • Understand the conditions that can involve the platysma muscle
  • Review specialized EA protocols used to treat the platysma and related conditions