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Thousands of employee hours are lost every year due to workplace injuries. Electro-Acupuncture and soft tissue work are some of the best tools to get patients back to work much sooner  through increasing range of motion and decreasing pain. Another extremely important aspect of treating work-related injuries is the ability to write an injury and treatment plan report for  justification of continued care of the patient. In this webinar, you will  learn how to write a report to present to the Worker’s Compensation insurance company, employer, and/or referring physician so you can explain why the patient requires treatment with Acupuncture for their work-related injury.

Course objectives:

  • Review key concepts including motor inhibition, noxious stimuli, chronic systemic vs mechanical
  • Review how to take an MSK patient history for work place injuries
  • Understand common work related injuries and what to target to affect the greatest change in ROM
  • Review assessment protocols for work related injuries
  • Learn how to improve range of motion and reduce pain
  • Review treatment protocols including electro-acupuncture, motor points, pecking, and soft tissue manual therapy.
  • Learn how to write an injury and treatment report to justify continued care for a work-related injury