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Leg length discrepancies can be caused by many factors and are a common complaint for MSK and pain patients. Oftentimes, a patient may not even know they have a discrepancy, and will have been treated in the past with little relief. This is why it is important to assess and be able to determine if a leg length discrepancy exists, and what treatments options there are, for optimal results.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Learn Gait analysis and how it can help uncover leg length discrepancies (LLD)
  • How to measure leg length discrepancy by visual inspection and measuring tape
  • Understand accessory movements of the foot and how they play a role in adaptation of LLD
  • Learn the Impact of LLD impact higher up on the kinetic chain – specifically its impacts motor inhibition of pelvic and hip musculature
  • Review potential treatments usng acupuncture & soft tissue work