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Joint needling with electroacupuncture can be a very effective way to treat pain, improve function, and mitigate the progression of arthritis of joints. In this webinar, you will learn the causes of osteoarthritis, review the anatomy and functions of a variety of joints, effects of electroacupuncture a specific frequencies, and see needling protocols for treating the following joints:

  • hip joint (femoral-acetabular),
  • shoulder joint (gleno-humeral/AC joint/sterno-clavicular), •knee (patello-femoral/tibo-fib) joint,
  • ankle joint (subtalar/talocural/talonavicular),
  • elbow joint (radio-humeral, ulnar-radio),
  • wrist joint, base of thumb
  • sacro-illiac joint
  • ilio-lumbar ligament
  • intra-spinous joints/ligament
  • tempomandibular