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EXSTORE Packages

With EXSTORE™ Packages, you can radically change your practice, starting in a matter of weeks. The EXSTORE™ System includes everything you need to treat Orthopedic and musculoskeletal patients, from intake and assessment to treatments and treatment planning. By combining in-person classes with on-demand education, EXSTORE™ Packages help you learn it all quickly and in-depth so you can quickly scale your practice.  

We have designed 3 tiers to provide you with the best way to start learning EXSTORE™. No matter what your background is, each tier can provide you with the tools you need to confidently treat the root of Orthopedic and musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

For any questions on where to begin, email us HERE.  



EXSTORE in-person seminar: Dates of seminar will be listed on this website under ‘In-Person’. Purchase of this package includes the next EXSTORE seminar listed on the site. An email will be sent to you confirming your registration. 

Digital Manuals: This package includes the EXSTORE manual, Motor Point Manual, and the EXSTORE Exam Sheet. 

Fundamentals of Electroacupuncture (EA) Webinar includes the original and new webinars. Both will be added to your account automatically upon purchase of this package. Purchase includes lifetime access. 

Digital Manuals: This package includes the EXSTORE manual, Motor Point Manual, and the EXSTORE Exam Sheet. 



All benefits of EXSTORE CORE, plus:

1 year membership to the Mentorship Community at DrAnthonyLombardi.locals.com. Details on obtaining access will be emailed to you. For details on the Mentorship Community, click HERE.

Online EXSTORE™ Course with lifetime access.

Soft Tissue Online Course with lifetime access

‘1 repeat of the in-person EXSTORE™ seminar’ grants you access to repeat the taking the EXSTORE in-person seminar. Must give at least 3 months of notice of intent to attend the seminar. 

Elite Practitioner


Scale your practice as big as you want, fast.

All benefits of EXSTORE+ and:

Clinical Intensive is offered in Dr. Lombardi’s clinic at once per year and is limited to 6. Please confirm your intention to attend as soon as possible. Clinical Intensive will also be listed on the ASE Seminars website under ‘In-Person’. 

Lifetime access to an additional 3 On-line Courses 

100 webinars with lifetime access includes 50 webinars sold on ASE Seminars LLC plus 50 webinars in the Mentorship Community.

For the list of webinars and on-line courses, click HERE. 

Email us for more information on this package.