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How To Assess & Treat Foot Abnormalities & Kinetic Chain Dysfunction Using Acupuncture, Exercise, Taping, and Custom Foot Orthotics Online Course

Length: 6 hours

Recommended pre-requisite: Attendance of the EXSTORE seminar or knowledge of EXSTORE and/or electro-acupuncture techniques

Course description: In addition to foot pain being a common condition we see in our clinics, many other MSK conditions such as back and knee pain have at their root an issue with the feet and gait. Treating these patients without addressing the foot and gait issues will not fully resolve their condition! These are the patients who do not respond to care or continually regress and their pain comes back. Up to 20% of patients will have issues with their feet and gait that are hindering your ability to help them.

In this seminar, you will learn how to assess and treat issues of the feet and gait using a variety of techniques, and then also be able to fit the patient with orthotics to more substantially correct their condition and resolve their pain.

Course objectives:

  • Understand foot mechanics including correct joint mechanics, ROM and normal movement
  • Review assessment including gait analysis
  • Understand the various foot mechanics pathologies and how they affect the patient
  • Learn various treatments to correct foot pathologies including acupuncture, taping, rehab exercises, foot casting and sizing
  • Review the business side of foot orthotics


This seminar covers:

  1. Assessment and gait analysis
  2. Needling Protocols To Prepare Rehab
  3. Rehab Exercises
  4. Taping Protocols
  5. How To Cast and Make Modifications for Custom Foot Orthotics.
  6. The Business of Custom Foot Orthotics & How To Incorporate Into Your Practice



  • Learn Joint Mechanics of the Lower Extremity and minimum Ranges of Movement Required for normal movement.
  • Understanding the Effects of Subtalar Joint Pronation
  • Understand Effects of Lack of Subtalar Joint Movement
  • Understanding Pes Planus & Pes Cavus
  • Learn the mechanical effects of Hallux Valgus/Rigidus



  • NEEDLING PROTOCOLS: Learn various needling protocols to prepare foot and leg musculature for exercise rehabilitation. Practice on one another to perfect your techniques
  • REHABILITATION EXERCISES: Learn exercise protocols to teach your patients to do at how to help correct their foot abnormalities. Practice on one another to perfect your techniques
  • TAPING: Learn several taping protocols to adjust foot abnormalities like subtalar joint pronation, pes planus, pea cavus, hallux rigidus, and ankle injury Practice on one another to perfect your techniques
  • FOOT CASTING FOR CUSTOM FOOT ORTHOTICS: Learn how to cast the foot using foam castings and learn about all of the different positional modifications you need to make to customize the orthotic device



  • Industry professional representing the biggest lab that manufactures orthotics will teach the business side of dispensing custom orthotics and how to incorporate it into your practice