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Peripheral nerve entrapments, also known as nerve compressions or nerve impingements, occur when a nerve is pressed or squeezed at a particular site, leading to pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the areas innervated by the nerve. Peripheral nerves are susceptible to entrapment, and various conditions and anatomical structures can contribute to nerve compression. This webinar will cover the physiology, stages of, and signs and symptoms of nerve entrapments, how to assess for nerve entrapments, and how to release nerves using electroacupuncture and manual therapy.

The following 12 nerves are covered:

  • suprascapular nerve
  • axillary nerve
  • dorsal scapular nerve
  • radial nerve
  • median nerve
  • ulnar nerve
  • lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
  • femoral nerve
  • obturator nerve
  • sciatic nerve
  • peroneal Nerve
  • tibial nerve


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