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    The Top 3 Problems Acupuncturists Have Treating Orthopedics & MSK

    The Top 3 problems

    1. Lack of direction: No assessment done, don’t know what to treat and how to treat it; treat only based on what worked before for a different patient
    2. Inconsistent and subpar results: Using incorrect techniques for Orthopedics, treatments based on guesswork, poke n’ pray, using too many modalities
    3. Inability to create a treatment plan: Lack of confidence and unsure what results to expect; don’t know what to do in each visit, unable to set expectations for the patient 

    Why We Aren't Ridiculously Successful

    This happened to me, and then I heard from THOUSANDS of practitioners across the globe that they too had the same problem…

    In 19 years of practice and 8 years in continuing education, I’ve found the top 3 problems practitioners of every needling discipline have that prevent them from getting amazing, consistent results treating Orthopedic patients with Acupuncture.

    ALL 3 of these get in the way of being successful – they kill our confidence, stunt our growth, cause us to burnout, and prevent us from getting outstanding results. Many of us will actually quit after 5 years. Others will slog along and struggle for many years more.

    In fact, practitioners every day are in dire need of having an enjoyable practice that gives them financial freedom while helping thousands of patients. The worst part is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    We should be the BEST musculoskeletal specialists out there. After all, we wield the power of the needle. But having a license to use it isn’t enough to guarantee success.  

    The Solution

    It’s not a “secret”. It’s not a “special” technique. What you need is a set of skills put together in a reliable SYSTEM, so you can rely on your own findings and choose the right treatments for the patient.  A treatment that is truly specific to the patient in front of you, no matter what “diagnosis” they come in with.

    The EXSTORE™ Orthopedic System provides you all of this and more. After you learn EXSTORE™, you will be the best MSK/Orthopedic practitioner in your area.


    FIRST – The intake: know how to treat the patient. Classify the patient correctly and know what techniques to use (and NOT to use). Know how to get this information in seconds.

    SECOND – A fast physical assessment that tells you EXACTLY what isn’t working and what points to use. No poke and pray. No guesswork.

    THIRD – A set of techniques that can be used for any Orthopedic or MSK patient. Techniques that provide amazing, fast results, but no special gadgets or complicated theory. 

    FOURTH – Treatment planning. Know what the patient needs, how often they need to come in, and tell them with CONFIDENCE.

    When you have the above, your treatments take less time, you see more patients an hour (while NOT compromising care) AND you get outstanding results. You also treat the ROOT of the problem, not just symptoms.

    You become a more efficient and more powerful practitioner - FAST

    I can say this with confidence because the EXSTORE™ Orthopedic System is tried, true, and tested.

    The EXSTORE™ Orthopedic System was designed by Dr. Anthony Lombardi 11 years ago, after he experienced the SAME PROBLEMS that we all have. He needed a reliable way to assess and treat patients that was SYSTEMS-BASED: Dependable, Reproducible, and Saves Time.  

    With EXSTORE, Dr. Anthony Lombardi sees 180 patient visits a week and averages 12 NEW patients every week for 11 years. RESULTS = REFERRALS.

    You too can easily get these results, no matter your background. In fact, thousands of practitioners the world over use The EXSTORE™ Orthopedic System to get amazing results and scale their practice. 

    "...It has only been three months since I have attended the training and my schedule is full of patients requesting “The New Acupuncture Treatment."

    Corey Skubizs, ND

    Corey EXSTORE Seminar feedback

    Getting Started

    Don't Use Electroacupuncture?

    No problem! We make it easy to get started with our FREE EBOOK – INTRODUCTION TO ELECTROACUPUNCTURE

    Learn more about the electroacupuncture techniques taught in the EXSTORE™ Orthopedic System. There are no special tools needed (other than electroacupuncture devices available everywhere).

    Also covered: Types of EA, what it can treat, frequencies used, and contraindications

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